“What Can We Learn From The Dutch: Rebuilding Kerala Post 2018 Floods”

Venu Rajamony book releaseVenu Rajamony book release

The Hague। No one can ever forget the worst floods of Kerala in August 2018, it affected nearly one sixth population of the state directly or indirectly. Reportedly 488 people died and many are missing till date.

Was it a nature’s fury and nothing could have been done or there are some preventive measures which can avert these kind of disasters in state like Kerala?

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A book authored by India Ambassador to the Netherlands Venu Rajamony answers these kinds of questions arising in every conscious Indian mind.

About the Book

Rebuilding Kerala Post 2018 Floods

What We Can Learn From the Dutch : Rebuilding Kerala Post 2018 Floods

Book titled “What Can We Learn From The Dutch: Rebuilding Kerala Post 2018 Floods” describes the Dutch response to floods over history. It also highlights their innovations in water management and the lessons Kerala can learn from the Dutch.  The book highlights the need for the state to equip itself with technical know-how and expertise to avoid another such disaster.

Over centuries, the Dutch have been finding ways to control high waters in their country. A low-lying area with 26% of the country below sea levels, their vulnerability to floods and the experience of past disasters have prompted them to develop one of the most advanced and sophisticated flood risk and water management systems in the world. From engineering feats like the Delta Works to projects like ‘Building with Nature’, the lessons to be learnt from the Netherlands are many. For a Kerala recovering from the 2018 floods, these are lessons in rebuilding.

Book is co-authored by Rotterdam architect N.M. Ramesh and published by DC Books of Kerala.

About the Author

A career diplomat with over three decades of experience, scholar of international relations and former journalist,

Venu Rajamony

Venu Rajamony

Venu Rajamony is the Ambassador of India to the Netherlands since June 10, 2017.  He was promoted as Secretary to the Government of India in July 2018. Venu Rajamony was inducted into the prestigious Indian Foreign Service in 1986 as the topper of his batch.

He has authored a much-acclaimed monograph titled ‘The India-China-US Triangle: A Soft Balance of Power in the Making’.  In 2010, Venu Rajamony capped his stint in Dubai with the publication of a coffee table book titled, ‘India and the UAE: In Celebration of a Legendary Friendship’.   A Malayalam version of the book was released in Kerala in 2013 and the Arabic version was published in the UAE in 2014