Want to boost your immunity, start ‘eating the rainbow’

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New Delhi Covid 19 teaches us that one should always be prepared for any situation like this.  As thousands of experts around the world, trying to find a vaccine to cure Covid 19, which may take years to come, we should prepare our body to fight coronavirus by boosting our immunity.

Experts suggest, to improve the immune system one should focus on the food habit and best practice is to Eat the Rainbow.

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The advice to “eat the rainbow” is often used with kids. And while kids especially need a diversity of foods in their diets, so do adults. It is important for all to get a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are antioxidant powerhouses, containing vitamins A, C, E, and more.

In fact, the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables have enormous healing powers. And many of them bring their own distinctive colors.

Add colorful food in the diet

Eating a diversity of colorful foods can be an easy way to get a complete range of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

So, add Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Purple Color vegetables and fruits in your daily meal.

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Orange and yellow Fruits and vegetbles

Orange and yellow fruits or vegetables are rich in vitamin C and carotenoids, including beta-carotene. Some carotenoids, most notably beta-carotene, convert to vitamin A within the body, which helps promote healthy vision and cell growth.

Citrus fruits contain a unique phytonutrient called hesperidin, which helps to increase blood flow. This has important health ramifications. If you tend to get cold hands and feet, eating an orange a day may help keep your hands and feet warm. More importantly, consuming citrus may also reduce your risk of stroke.

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Green Fruits and Vegetables

Green Fruits and Vegetables boost the immune system, it helps detoxify the body, restore energy and Vitality. Greens are one of healthiest foods we can eat. Green fruits and vegetables are rich in lutein, isothiocyanates, isoflavones, and vitamin K which is essential for blood and bone health.

In addition, green vegetables are rich in folate, a nutrient especially important for pregnant women to consume to help prevent congenital disabilities.

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Red Fruits and vegetables

Red Fruits and Vegetables Help Fight Cancer, Reduce the Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, Improve Skin Quality, and More

Red fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, including lycopene and ellagic acid. These powerful nutrients have been studied for their cancer-fighting effects and other health benefits.

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Blue and purple fruits and vegetables

Blue and Purple Fruits or Vegetables fight cancer and unwanted inflammation and help keep you young

Blue and purple fruits or vegetables are rich in phytonutrients, including anthocyanins and resveratrol, and have been studied extensively for their anti-cancer and anti-aging properties.

Studies show that the bioactive phytochemicals in berries work to repair damage from oxidative stress and inflammation.

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White and Brown Fruits or Vegetables

White and Brown Fruits or Vegetables protect against certain cancers, keep bones strong, and are a heart-healthy choice

White and brown produce may not be as brightly colored as other foods, but they still are a healthy choice and have phytonutrients.

Like broccoli, cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable rich in an anti-cancer compound called sulforaphane. Garlic and onions are in the allium family of vegetables and contain the powerful cancer fighting compounds allicin and quercetin.

And phytonutrients in white button mushrooms have been found to inhibit aromatase activity and breast cancer cell proliferation.

When looking to add more fruits and vegetables to the diet, start with what is in season. Seasonal produce will be tastier and potentially higher in overall nutrition value.