Two children looking for food in dustbin changed his life forever, now he is changing many lives together

Chandra Sekhar Kundu is a resident of Asansol, a small city in West Bengal. He teaches computer science to earn a living and is seems like a fairly content family man. In 2015, he hosted his son Sandeep’s birthday party at his home. After a lavish feast, he went outside to dump the leftovers. Little did he knew that this everyday chore was about to change his life.

He saw two hungry, underprivileged children scavenging for eatables from the dustbin he was throwing his food in. The bitterness of reality hit him and started his journey towards a heroic life deserving of the nation’s Salute!

He resolved to prevent wastage of food and put an end to hunger. At first, he tried virtual platforms to spread awareness and made a short film on food wastage. This followed the formation of a Non Government Organization named ‘Bengal Save Food and Save Life Brigade’, in which his colleagues and students volunteered to collect the leftovers from the canteen of their Asansol Engineering College and distributed it to around 20 children of the neighbourhood. Kundu’s ambition, planning and social service climbed higher in 2016 with the establishment of Food Education and Economic Development (FEED). As part of this programme, his team enlarges the circle of operation and collaborated with a number of educational institutes and offices in Kolkata to collect their excess food for redistribution. Apart from it, his team also runs sessions on nutrition and food for kids on streets.  They very often cook food themselves to ensure that the children don’t eat stale food collected in the afternoon.

A heart of gold, Kundu has touched lives of many, right from the children who don’t go to bed hungry to his team mates who supported him in the execution of his vision. In the world of individuality and competition, he preached collective goodness and cooperation. His latest initiative is an evidence of the same. ‘Share your Special Day’ encourages people to fill the plates of the hungry on their anniversary, birthday or marriage celebration. They get a chance to share their happiness with the world around and make their Special Day a Memorable one for all.