This govt does not deserve another term as unemployment is on 45 year high

I believe that the best way forward for India is to have a free market-based economy with an efficient welfare system.

Sukirt Thakur

I believe that the best way forward for India is to have a free market-based economy with an efficient welfare system.

In terms of policy, I would like to see political parties to focus at first robust infrastructure, which would encourage free enterprise.

Secondly quality public education system is highly required. . In my view, education offers social mobility.

Ayushman Bharat Yojna is good, only if it is accessible to the needy with ease and without any corruption. Crores of People of India need access to affordable, quality healthcare, government should ensure it for everyone.

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It is also very important to cut red tape to make it easier to do business, have a concrete plan to promote entrepreneurship. India’s education system creates an army of job seekers every year, we need to nurture job creators.

In my opinion, the NDA government has mishandled the economy in the past five years. There are legitimate concerns about the veracity of GDP figures being put out by the government, demonetization was a self-inflicted wound which broke the backbone of the rural and informal economy and the regressive “angle tax” was introduced.

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Apart from this, I do not believe that this government deserves another term as unemployment is on a 45 year high [The government has still not released the data], the BJP repeatedly tries to conflate the party with the nation and the jingoism has reached unprecedented levels.

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The NYAY scheme is an interesting idea, but until the Congress party shares the details I will remain skeptical about the viability of such a scheme. If I had to choose a party, I would vote for the Delhi unit of the Aam Aadmi party; as they have consistently dedicated a large portion of their budget to health and education. Their fiscal discipline in commendable as well, as the govt had a surplus despite increased expenditure. Outside Delhi, the AAP appears to be like any other party.

Sukirt Thakur

Author is a mechanical Engineer, currently working at NVIDIA in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is pursuing Master’s degree at Purdue University