Smell longer to resist food cravings !

How many times has it happened that the chocolate filled mousse or a cheese burst pizza pulled you towards itself. You wanted to resist it and tried hard to do so, maybe looked somewhere else as well but eventually gave in. What followed was the guilt of putting junk and bad calories in one’s own body. A new research published in the Journal of Marketing Research may have a solution to this irresistible problem!

The study claims that smelling food for long enough drastically decrease one’s cravings and controls hunger. Dipayan Biswas, a professor of marketing at the University of South Florida College of Business is the lead author for the same. He explained, “ambient scent can be a powerful tool to resist cravings for indulgent foods.” This is because the brain does not distinguish much between the different sensory sources. Just the sense of smellcan also convey the comfort and the joy that accompanies carbs and sugar to the brain, satisfying hungry impulses and one’s craving.

The way of benefitting from this research is retaining the smell for the right amount of time. According to study, the time one is exposed to the smell influences the final decision drastically.

Study involved exposing participants to scents of healthy foods as well as unhealthy, yet appetising food through a nebulizer, people who were in the presence of the food group of cookies and pizzas for 30 seconds or less ate it when offered. However, people who sniffed these foods for more than two minutes were able to suppress their desire and voluntarily chose the other food group which constituted strawberries and apples.