Selfie of Success: when success speaks to you

SELFIE OF SUCCESS by Burra Venkatesham

Success is different for everyone, depending on the choice it could be related to anything wealth, power, happiness, peace of mind etc. But one thing is common that it is the most sought after among the all English Words.

With the ‘Selfie of Success’ IAS Burra Venkatesham presents a holistic view of the subject.

‘Selfie of Success’, personifies success, hence setting it apart from numerous other self-help books.

selfie-of-success-cover A powerful read that fills the mind with positive, inspiring affirmations that welcome success into anyone’s life. The narrator being success, speaking in the first person, is what puts Mr Venkatesham’s masterpiece above and beyond most books in the genre.

Author Burra Venkatesham, in his maiden attempt invites the reader to know success as a living, breathing person. The company it keeps, the way it acts, walks, speaks and thinks. A breakthrough book that broadens horizons for the reader, right from page one.

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He has studied the illusive pattern of success and employed it in his own personal life with incredible results. Now he shares his in-depth, treasure trove of knowledge on the subject in an easy to read, inspiring read.

Unlike many books on success, ‘Selfie of Success’ warns of the pitfalls of attaining success. As the author describes it in prologue, ‘side effects of success’. Book also help readers to be prepared to receive success and retain it for a long period.

The use of the life and times of well known personalities world over  from Mahatma Gandhi  to Escobar , Jack Ma to RamojiRao, Oprah Winfrey to Michel Jackson etc  give the reader greater insights.

The book is compartmentalized very well and the reader can either read it at one go or in segments based on the interest or curiosity that the title of the segment arouses.

This book serves to educate, inspire, motivate and also forewarn the reader about success. The language is simple and easy to comprehend for people of all ages.

About the Author

Burra Venkatesham is an 1995 batch IAS officer of Telangana Cadre. He is currently working as Secretary, Tourism, Culture and Sports Department. He has more than 25 years of vast experience is administration and has worked in senior positions in the Government.

Coming from a poor and illiterate family, he is a self made man, who witnessed success changing different people differently. For some, Success resulted in all around happiness, while for some others success brought sorrow to people around. Hence the book “Selfie of Success” came into being with a holistic approach to success.

He loves to work on humanitarian projects in working towards an inclusive society and a love to contemplate on life enhancing and egalitarian concepts, spirituality and philosophy. Notable among the many National & International Awards he won are the 10 Red Cross Gold Medals that he received for social work.