President, PM laud Chandrayaan-2 success

Narendra Modi watching Chandrayaan-2 Launch(file pic) Photo Credit: Twitter Narendra Modi

New Delhi As India’s ‘Babubali’ GSLV rocket successfully put moon spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 into the orbit setting off the country’s second moon mission, President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called the event a proud moment for all the countrymen.

The President said in a tweet, “The historic launch of Chandrayaan2 from Sriharikota is a proud moment for all Indians.”

Noting Chandrayaan2 will be the first spacecraft to land close to the moon’s South Pole in some 50 days from now, he said, “The mission is expected to lead to new discoveries and enrich our knowledge systems. I wish the Chandrayaan2 team every success.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it a special moment, “that will be etched in the annals of our glorious history!”

He said the launch of Chandrayaan2 illustrates the prowess of our scientists and the determination of 130 crore Indians to scale new frontiers of science.

“It will have an Orbiter for remote sensing the Moon and also a Lander-Rover module for analysis of the lunar surface.”

He said the Chandrayaan2 is unique because it will explore and perform studies on the South Pole region of lunar terrain which has not been explored by any past mission.

“Thanks to Chandrayaan, India’s Lunar Programme will get a substantial boost. Our existing knowledge of the Moon will be significantly enhanced,” Modi said.

He also released an audio message for the scientists and the team of the mission and offered his congratulations to ISRO after the successful launch of Chandrayaan 2.

“The launch is a proud moment for the country and its people. This is a fantastic example that our scientists have the talent and conference to overcome all hurdles,” Modi said in his 3.21-minute audio message to the ISRO.

The GSLV-Mk III carrying Chandrayan blasted off from the second launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota spaceport at 2.43 p.m. to begin its ascent into space.

About 16 minutes into its flight, the rocket put into orbit Chandrayaan-2 to begin its 48-day journey to the Moon.

The success of the Chandrayaan-2 mission will make India the fourth country in the world to land a vehicle and travel on the Moon surface after the US, Russia and China.