Poll material for Himachal’s remote booths despatched

Arrangements in remote voting boothsPhoto Credit : Twitter Election Commission

Shimla । To conduct polling at remote vote booths of the four Lok Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh, polling officials and material have been dispatched three days ahead of the voting on May 19, said Chief Electoral Officer Devesh Kumar.

Of the 7,730 polling booths, seven are in Dodra Kwar, the remote subdivision of the Shimla district. While four parties have already reached Kittarwadi, Gandarwadi, Dodra and Pujarli polling stations, others would reach Jakha, Jiskoon and Pandar polling booths on Friday.

Voting arrangements are not easy in these highest polling booths of Bharat

The polling party to the remote Bara-Bhangal area in the Kangra district has also been dispatched. Initially, this polling party was to be airlifted, but due to bad weather the helicopter could not be pressed into service and it had to take the road.

For election duty, 46,000 personnel have been deputed in the state. Notably Himachal Pradesh has some of the highest polling booths of India where it is not easy to go. Mostly these places remain disconnected from the other parts of the state due to heavy snow.