One should not blindly follow any popular weight loss methods

If one fashion has stayed over generations, it is fad diets. Whenever demand of a particular tea, coffee or vegetable smoothie soars in the market, all fad diet enthusiasts, irrespective of body types and needs scramble to purchase it, often ending in erroneous consumption, overdose, allergic reaction in some and a waste of money for many. Like every year, the year 2018 saw these diets with a loyal fan base and vehement opposition from health experts. British Dietetic Association released one such report in December 2018, debunking alleged magical weight loss myths propagated by celebrities.

It includes ‘the blood type diet’, which claims that blood types determine the way foods are processed. Based on pseudo-science, it advices Blood group A to avoid dairy products, Blood group B to take ‘varied intake of food’ and ambiguously suggest group AB to take mix the former two. Blood Group O gets the worst part as they are not allowed dairy, wheat, alcohol or caffeine.

The report rages against the popular ‘detox teas and slimming coffees’ as well which are endorsed by many Bollywood celebrities, making it a daily intake product of many of their followers. They are unaware of the presence of laxatives like Senna and suffer from stomach cramps and gut issues, when taken in excess.

Another famous fad dismissed is the ‘slimming sachets’ reportedly taken by the Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie to achieve the perfect shape for their respective marriage ceremonies in 2018. These products used by the royals are sold online at a lavish price of £100 (almost 9,200 Rupees) a month. According to BDA, these kind of products and thousands of others like them, are absolutely not essential for successful weight loss, eventually it leaves the user emotionally drained, because no amount of fiber that it claims to have, can transform a body.

The last two diets mentioned in the research are drinking ‘your own pee’ and ‘drinking expensive alkaline water’. Apart from being far-fetched, these fads can be potentially harmful and disturbs body balance. What’s more disturbing is the prevalence of these!