On World Autism Awareness Day, here are few things to know about the condition

Understanding autism is crucial to identifying it in people around us in order to be able to help them. While the world marks autism awareness day through different initiatives and dialogues around the conditions, how much do we really know about it?

With a number of misconceptions surrounding the conversation about autism, there is need to clear the air by stating some facts about it. Here are few things you need to know about the condition in order to understand it better.

A specific set of symptoms don’t apply to everyone with autism

What needs to be understood is that symptoms and needs of children with autism can be extremely diverse. While some children may show signs of classic autism including flapping and spinning hence standing out as someone with the condition, some may not show any outwardly indication of autism, appearing to be verbal and well behaved.

What’s common among children with ASD are social problems in everyday life ranging from less social interest to low social motivation as compared to other children their age.

Bad parenting doesn’t cause autism

While many think autism is caused due to mothers who fail to nurture their children, kids with the condition being more likely to seizures points in another direction. No amount of faulty parenting can possibly lead to seizures and it doesn’t cause autism.

What causes autism?

A number of things including infections, metabolic issues, medications taken during pregnancy, brain abnormalities as well as genetic abnormalities may cause autism. Damage to the brain is the common outcome of all these causes.