No candidate is our enemy, Modi told the party workers

Narendra Modi to party workersPhoto Credit: Twitter BJP

Varanasi Narendra Modi held a meeting with party workers in Varanasi today, before filing his nomination.

In the meeting he is said to have laid down the strategy for campaigning. He told party workers to respect all candidates contesting the elections as they are also part of the democratic process.

Modi said, “Don’t get influenced by our fights in election rallies. No candidate is our enemy. They are all part of the democratic process. Respect them all.

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“All party workers must take it upon themselves to get the Modi app on the phones of all first time voters and ask them to look at the positive news surrounding our government,” he said.

“A pro-incumbency wave has been seen in country for the first time after independence. People across the nation are saying, ‘Fir ek baar.. Modi Sarkar’. Political pundits will analyze this pro-incumbency wave later,” he said.

He added, ‘we need to break some records in Varanasi. I have always wished that a number of women voters’ turnout will be more than men. I couldn’t do this in Gujarat, but you can do it Varanasi. I have faith in you.’

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“Kashi has been won. Kashi was won by the party and party workers on Thursday night. Now, the polling booths are the only thing left to be won in Kashi.”

Modi then visited the Kaal Bhairav temple and offered prayers.