Narendra Modi is ‘Remembering Dr Lohia’ through his blog

Ram Manohar Lohia

New Delhi । On the birth anniversary of Socialist Political leader Ram Manohar Lohia ,  PM Narendra Modi remembered him through his blog.

In his Blog Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the political parties claiming to be the followers of socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia of betraying his principles.  Modi said that these parties were desperate to form an opportunistic adulteration alliance with the Congress.

He remembered Lohia stating that one who works with “samta” (parity), “samanata” (equality) and “samatva bhaav” (equilibrium) is a Yogi.

Taking a jibe, Modi said that Lohia’s “false followers” believe in “satta” (power), “swarth” (selfishness) and “shoshan” (exploitation).

Narendra Modi on Dr Lohia

“Dr. Lohia always believed that dynastic politics was inimical to democracy. He would have been flabbergasted to see his ‘followers’ think about their own families first instead of the nation,” Modi said in his blog.

Targeting the Congress, Modi said: “Whenever Dr. Lohia spoke, inside or outside Parliament, the Congress trembled with fear.

“Lohia would have been horrified at the political developments taking place.”

He quoted Lohia as saying: “During the Congress regime, neither agriculture and industry nor the army has improved.”

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Modi accused that the farmers were harassed, industry was discouraged (except if they belonged to friends and relatives of Congress leaders) and national security was ignored in the Congress regime.

PM Modi also criticized Political parties opposing ban on triple talaq. He said, “In his works, Dr. Lohia called for complete equality between men and women. But, neck deep in vote bank politics, it was parties that dishonestly claim to be Dr. Lohia’s followers that opposed the NDA Government’s move to abolish the inhuman practice of Triple Talaq.”

Before concluding Prime Minister raised few questions like, “Is the commitment to vote bank politics bigger than the commitment to Dr. Lohia’s thoughts?” and How can those who betrayed Dr. Lohia be expected to serve the nation?