NAMO-2, Resonates with POINT OUT prediction

New Delhi । The suspense is over and the Lok Sabha General Election, 2019 results are out. The Narendra Modi led NDA triumphed with 351 seats decimating the opposition, and restricting the grand old Congress to just 54 seats.

While, the mandate has been decisive, majority failed to get a pulse of the undercurrent in favour of Narendra Modi. The end results has come as a face saver for most, exit pollsters—rather it exceeded the numbers given by most of them, your website, was the first to sense the mood of the nation and was spot on with its prediction that NDA would cross 350 mark and that BJP will win more than 55 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

This is no time to take credit, but to reassure that we as a media house would provide you with the mirror that would reflect the reality. Do keep your faith in us, we will serve you with unbiased news reportage packed with facts as and when it unfolds.