Looking for high salaried jobs, try these options

As it should be said, “the future belongs to smart computers, artificial intelligence and people who make them”. With computers replacing manual work, Alexa and Siri becoming our partners and artificial intelligence growing in leaps, there is a huge demand in the job market for people with technical know-how and a computer programmer is a pertinent name in this list.

If coding and words like ‘Java, EE, C++ or.NET’ ring a bell with you then computer programming might just be your thing but for those who are coming up with a blank slate, coding is talking to a computer by developing a technical language that it can understand and the abovementioned ‘Java, EE, C++ or .NET’ are some such common languages.

Formal education to learn coding starts from taking Mathematics and Physics in high school and pursuing a Bachelor or Diploma degree in the field of computer science, software engineering and its likes .The various educational institutes, where coding is taught include IITs, NSIT, DTU, NIT and many other private institutes. Among these, IIT Bombay is the most aspired due to its vibrant coding culture and international recognition. For instance, it is Ranked 13 on the Quacquarelli Symonds University Rankings BRICS 2016.

Computers have become a part of the millenial’s socialization process .They grow up navigating the virtual space as much as the real one. In such a scenario, many children are learning coding themselves. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Hacker Rank, over two-thirds of the developers are partly self-taught. Thus, there are options for people to take certificate courses in software development and language courses.

The career options available for such people are evolving with the evolution of technology. As of now , certain conventional options include Software Developer, Web Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Computer Network Architect and Computer systems analyst to name a few. Some certification with work experience is enough to land a job but higher qualifications do increase one’s career prospects. A conventional work setting is of salaried employment who can get an average of Rs.3,58,525 per year (according to Payscale), take on individual projects from companies and organization trying the online platform or develop games , applications as an individual endeavor. A job in multinational companies or a high profile post will guarantee a lucrative pay. Needless to say, in the ever evolving world of Cloud and bites, new jobs and unconventional businesses are growing where coding forms the backbone.