Leaving the dream job behind Rahul Adhikari decided to transform School Children into a change maker!

With the development of a closed-loop waste management business model in a Social business plan competition organized by the University of Minnesota, USA, Rahul Adhikari got the first experience of social change. An IIT graduate and recipient of the coveted President Gold Medal , Rahul Adhikari had a ready successful career ahead . Instead he committed himself to build an army of socially conscious change-makers out of teenage school students

Leaving a high paying job, he ventured into the social sector in 2017 with a 70% pay cut. His first job as a social worker was with a non-profit organization called Ashoka, where he interviewed chief social entrepreneurs in India and abroad. He noticed a consistent link among them – all of them were socially aware and empathetic towards all sections of the society from their childhood. They were change makers in their plans and aspirations already. Adulthood merely provided them a platform for executions. This was his epiphany, “This made me think—‘What if all children grow up with such a proactive, initiative-taking, problem-solving mindset” and led to the formation of Rahul Adhikari’s brainchild, Better Plus Education

It is a year long school curriculum which fosters community awareness and problem solving capabilities in children. Using puzzles which replicate “famous escape room games”, creating real life simulations and team building exercises, the programme simulate school children intellectually and then provide them with a platform to become young Change makers. The curriculum became an immediate favorite on its launch and has now expanded to more than 15 schools in less than 2 years. It has successfully launched 25+ projects, including a ‘Book Drive’- an online book-sharing platform conceptualized and managed by students in Army Public School, Bangalore, the ‘Eco Straw-an initiative by  three 14 year olds of The Amaatra Academy, where they convince vendors to replace their plastic straws with their steel “Eco straws”.