Just leave your food in a sandpit to cook the Rajasthani way

A true embodiment of Incredible India, Rajasthan has managed to carve a niche for itself with its unique culture, lifestyle and food. This uniqueness characterizes their royal hospitality, larger than life plates and its incredible food serving, which one should finish to the last bite and sometimes leave it to them to cook great food in sand, like literally. The Khad method of cooking of Rajasthan is a process of slow cooking by putting food in an about three feet deep sandpit.

To summarize this ingenuity, a hole is dug in the ground and laid with burnt charcoal. On top of that, meat covered in dough, wrapped in a muslin cloth and filled with nuts and herbs like coriander, Green chilies, Red chili powder, Turmeric powder and the likes is tossed in the pit. The hole is then covered with more burnt charcoal and sand. It is allowed to burn in peace and dug out of its hole after a few hours.

The taste and the aroma of the prepared outcome is mouth watering and have always been admired by food enthusiasts. It even got the approval of the Ultimate Master Chef, Gordon Ramsay in his India tour.

The method is intrinsically for outdoors and evolved due to the Bedouin culture of the desert region. With a decline in tribal living and increase in modernization, the dish is slowly receding from the common platter. There are still few places like including Mughlai Rasoi and Niros is Jaipur whose menus are preserving the authentic dish of which lamb or Khad Gosht is widely appreciated.