Indian cartoon characters have slowly taken over the reign of Doremon and Tom & Jerry

Television industry in India is growing leaps and bounds by the passing years, catering to every age group with shows produced with their specific choice. This is the reason now children have many more cartoon shows to watch than Tom and Jerry and Ducktales.

Talking cats and fighting rats, flying kids and magical pets, this is the cartoon world, where fantasy and reality mixes to form the best memories for the kids. In the last decade or so, Indian media is spearheading in making Indian animated serials and movies for us and the following are a few gems of the lot.

Motu Patlu with their frivolous antics and power driving ‘Samosas’ has been capturing children’s imagination since 2012. The fat-thin duo with its party of Ghasita Ram, Inspector Chingum and Dr. Jhatka can now be seen in the watch list of almost every kid.

Roll No. 21 combines mythology with modernity in a new spin off to the Krishna-Kansa rivalry. The new Krishna has come back as Kris to defeat the modern incarnation of Kansa who has disguised himself as a school headmaster.

Chhota Bheem has become a favourite among kids. It is not unusual to find children’s bags, bottles and notebooks flanking the muscular Bheem, pick-cheeked Chinky and the 2 year old prankster Raju with their monkey friend Jaggu which is blue.

We have a humanoid in ViR: The Robot Boy, a popular show for the budding science fiction enthusiasts. Having human emotions and superhuman abilities, the wide-eyed robot saves the world from Madmax and his evil intentions. To add more humour, fun and magic, he has his magical jinn, a pet donkey and an 8 year old Imli in his party.

An Indian version of Oggy and the Cockroaches, Pakram Pakrai has a pink Doggy Don who is in a never-ending hilarious struggle with the chuha party of Motu, Chhotu and Lambu . The three with their mice-power, incredible pranks and rib-tickling dialogues have captured the hearts of all.

Little Singham is the brand new entry in the Indian cartoon world. Honest and ferocious police officer, who fights criminals, monsters and dangerous mutants to save the city. Little Singham is the youngest Indian superhero, whatever he does is larger than life. This animated character has Lion Tattoo on his arm and he is not only entertaining children but teaching the art of self defense too.