Image of India has definitely shifted in the positive direction


Prashant Mishra

I believe “image” is all about “presentations in short term” and “presentation supported by actions” in long term. You change the “either” and the “image” changes.

Five year’s ago,I remember, India was struggling. There were news of corruptions and leaders getting arrested. A “Gentleman” but a weak prime minister who was heavily influenced by his party’s heavyweights. There were news like “Nirbhaya” and scams of phenomenal number of zero’s in them. India was ready for a change. So ready, that a novice party like “AAP” was given a sweeping majority beyond its own imaginations. Then came the national elections and a change in regime. I remember the general feeling of upbeat in the Indian diaspora in US and across the world.

‘News about India do not include the topic of corruptions and scams any more’

Today one can argue both ways if it was the anti-incumbency factor or our country quietly spearheaded global shift of ‘the rise of nationalistic forces in democratic politics across the globe”. I believe the Image has definitely shifted in the positive direction. News about India do not include the topic of corruptions and scams any more. India is definitely in news for the reasons of its global talent, business, technology, Space achievements and diplomacy.

Bharat acquires anti-satellite capability: Modi

Within India and abroad, people have actually started discussing issues around the economy, jobs and progress. For once even the main stream foreign media has opinion about India. The governance has definitely improved. I can personally attest to the embassies here in US have been pro-active in their approach to the causes of Indian citizens. US and other countries have now started considering India as global player. The recent response to terror attack and a generational shift in security force’s approach  to terror has also placed India as a capable and a confident nation. I see country today is generally more assured and forward looking . Sure! Our country has issues yet to be discussed and problems yet to be solved, but “Which country on the planet has not?”

Author is IT Analyst, currently working in Michigan state of USA