Give me 5 more years to put Congress netas in jail: Modi

Narendra Modi

Gandhinagar । Launching a blistering attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi charged it with looting the country. He said that in five years of his government, he has brought the Congress to the doorstep of jail, give five more years to ensure that they are in jail.

Modi was addressing a rally in Junagadh of Gujarat.  Gujarat has 26 Lok Sabha seats and here polling is due on April 23.

Dubbing the Congress manifesto as ‘Dhakosla Patra’, the Prime Minister criticised the Congress for promising removal of sedition laws.  “They want our army to be defenceless. They want to protect the ‘tukde-tukde gang’ , Modi said.  He questioned the motive of congress, “why are they doing it? Are they preparing for jail? I have brought them to the doorstep of jail in five years. Give me another five years, and I will ensure they are in jail,” Modi said.

Modi attacked Congress by saying that they want power to loot money and there is only one family in the party. The party has held out only false promises in the name of poverty removal. The country can only prosper if it is safe and secure.

Highlights of Congress manifesto for 2019 election

“If you want to compare BJP and Congress, it’s simple: Look at the track records of both parties. While Congress’s is a tape record, the BJP’s record shows determination for the country’s security and a fight against terrorists,” Modi said.

On Kashmir, Prime Minister said the Congress wanted a different prime minister for J&K. “Is it possible for a country to have two prime ministers?” he asked.

The Prime Minister requested the first-time voters of the state to dedicate their vote to a party committed to the security of the country. “When you are going to cast your first vote, I urge you to dedicate that vote to the country, only to country’s interest and for the government committed to the security of the country,” he said.