From fundraiser to Billionaire, Dr Azad Moopen’s healthcare company now serves 50,000 patients a day

Born in a small Indian village, Kalpakancheri in the state of Kerala to a family of freedom fighters, Dr Azad Moopen never planned to own a healthcare conglomeration in the Middle East nor of employing more than 2000 doctors and 6000 nurses. When he arrived in Dubai in 1987, he was already ready to leave in a couple of years but his life and ‘God’ – as he insists had other plans for him.

This plan started with an advice of his friend to open a clinic in Dubaiand this was the turning point of Azad Moopen’s lifeFrom a one room clinic, Aster DM Healthcare grew into a massive service provider with 21 hospitals, 113 healthcare clinics and 216 pharmacies according to a tally done in September, 2018. With this huge setup Aster DM Healthcare is now providing services into the lands of UAE, Qatar, Oman , India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and the Philippines. 

But having a net worth of 5.9 billion dollars, achieving a coveted position in the medical circuit and donning the cap of the 6th richest man in “Top 100 Indian Leaders in UAE” Forbes list require much more than luck and God’s intervention. Dr Azad has been consistent in his efforts in improving healthcare facilities worldwide , providing first class , high quality healthcare to all, both haves and haves not. Dr Azad Moopen ensured free consultation to the blue collared workers unable to afford Doctor’s Fee and very soon he became quite a sought-after doctor in the locality. 

An entrepreneur in the field of healthcare, Bharatvanshi Dr. Azad Moopen has no qualms in admitting the pervasiveness of capitalism in medical science. He understands the need of private players to enter into medicine when the governments are lacking resources and price of healthcare is rising. In such a situation his ingenuity lies in striking a socially conscious balance in his business model. Aster DM operates at three levels, with Medcare for high income groups, Aster for mid-income groups and Access for the low income workers making it a successful private venture profitable for all. Dr Moopen has pledged to give 20 per cent of his wealth to charity.  

In 2010 he was awarded Pravasi Bharatiya Samman and the next year Padma Shri by the Government of India.