F-Type SVR, built by Jaguar Land Rover

The F-Type SVR, built by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicles Operation (SVO) division, is the fastest road-going Jaguar yet. It’s been on sale (made to order, to be precise) in India since August last year but it’s only now that we’ve got our hands on one. This is the updated for 2018 F-Type SVR and we’re driving it at Jaguar’s test track in the UK.

A few facts about the F-Type SVR. It was conceived after the SVO division of JLR produced the hardcore Project 7. It made them realise that the limits of the F-Type could be pushed further than the Coupe R and that there was indeed a customer base for such a car. The 575hp/700Nm 5.0-litre supercharged V8 from the Project 7 was the starting point for SVO, after which came the new dampers, retuned anti-roll bars, and new lighter knuckles for the rear suspension of the F-Type. It also got retuned software for the power steering, an eight-speed auto gearbox and the four-wheel-drive system. The body was tweaked to improve aerodynamics and carbon fibre was used to reduce weight. A Titanium and Inconel exhaust system also got drafted in. The result of all this? The fastest road-legal Jaguar yet.