Eat your dessert to balance out the calories!

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Human brain works in mysterious ways and so does food cravings. How often do we crave for that smooth, dribbling chocolate mousse or that perfect red-velvet cake or a delicious gulab jamun. Despite knowing the calories packed in these sugary delights, the brain switches off and leaves us to our ‘sugary’ instinct. The last stage of this tasty indulgence is guilt and calorie laden regret.

The American Psychology Association may have found a way to cope with the after effect of such indulgence. According to a recent study conducted, eating a high-calorie snack help us eat less and healthier meals later. Thus, a dessert before the actual meal may help us balance out the calories later.

The study was conducted in the cafeteria of the EGADE Business School at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, where 134 students between the age of 18 and 60 were asked to choose between fresh fruits and lemon cheesecake. Post this, they were asked to proceed for the main dishes, which consisted of healthy and fast food. The platter had grilled chicken and a small salad on one side and fried fish and French fries on others.

The researched showed that the likelihood of people who had eaten the fruits to choose French fries and fried fish was twice to the group who ate cheesecake. Thus, the cheesecake group consumed less calories on an average.

The research played on the cognitive behaviour of diners. When one indulged in a high-calorie snack, they tried to cover by eating healthy side and main dishes. On the other hand, those who ate fruits have already deprived themselves the luxury of a cake. They have already done a ‘good deed’. Thus, they chose a tastier, yet unhealthy option later.

Fret not! The cheesecake was not so bad after all! The key is to balance out the calories with good food and maybe, a bit of exercise.