E-cigarettes are more dangerous, it increases the risk of cardiac disease

In an increasingly health conscious world, we see science and industry increasingly coming together to create products like sugar free-sugar and smokeless-cigarettes. However, are these products truthful in their claims or mere hoaxes? A team of researchers from the American Heart Institute tested E-cigarettes to find the answer and found it to be a resounding affirmative.

In a survey conducted in United States with a sample size of 4, 00,000 people, the researchers found that the people who vaped from the lot had 71% higher risk of stroke, 40% susceptibility towards cardiac diseases and 9% more vulnerability to heart attack. The survey also showed that vapers smoke the traditional cigarettes two times more than non-vapers.

Thus, vaping doesn’t become an alternative to smoking nor a cessation exercise for a lot of e-cigarette smokers. It ends up becoming an additional smoking substance! The only silver lining of the study for the cigarette manufacturers and vapers is the lack of conclusive proof of the killing power of e-cigarettes.

A number of previous studies have also been conducted on the efficacy of this electronic alternative. Though it doesn’t blow off carbon monoxide smoke nor does it contains harmful free radicals of cigarettes. It however has nicotine which is addictive in itself. Nicotine has also been known to cause diabetes and blood pressure. It has also been associated with attention deficit disorders and poor impulse control.

When E-cigarette entered the market, it became an immediate sensation among the young people who wanted to quit smoking in their early stages. It was marketed as a guilt free smoke and seems enticing enough.