Delhi’s Max Hospital quoted Rs 50 lakh bill for keeping baby in nursery, alleges FIR

NEW DELHI: Even as Delhi Police on Saturday started investigation into the case of a city hospital declaring two new-born babies dead when one was discovered later to be alive, the family filed an FIR making fresh allegations against the hospital.

The father of the twins, Ashish (26), states in the FIR that Max Hospital in Shalimar Bagh told him that the two foetuses his six-month pregnant wife, Varsha, was carrying had only 10-15 per cent chances of survival. The hospital advised three injections costing Rs 35,000 and claimed later that the probability of survival had risen to 30 per cent. He also alleged that the hospital said the bill for keeping the surviving baby in the nursery till it was out of danger would be Rs 50 lakh.

“Max hospital made a big mistake in not carrying out proper treatment of my babies, declaring them dead while (one was) alive and packing them in a parcel,” the father said in the FIR.