Budget shows people’s expectation can be met: Modi

Narendra ModiPhoto Credit: Twitter BJP

New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the Union Budget as one of hope and expressed confidence that it will boost the country’s development in the 21st century, giving strength to the poor and providing a better tomorrow for the youth.

Commenting on the first Budget of the NDA government’s second term, the Prime Minister said it showed that the expectations of the people can be met.

“I congratulate the first woman Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for presenting a citizen friendly and a future friendly Budget. This is a Budget aimed at making the citizens of the country prosperous,” Modi said.

He termed it as a “historic step” towards making India a country which would meet people’s expectations and fulfill their dreams.

Key Points of Union Budget 2019

“This budget has economic reforms and provides for ease of living,” he said, adding that “the direction is right and so is the speed”.

He said the Budget reflected concerns not only for the present generation, but also for the future. The mission to ensure the availability of water in every home has been taken care of in the Budget. It strengthed the foundation for a good future in this century.

“Development will be at a faster pace, infrastructure will be modernised. This Budget will simplify the taxation system. It will increase the participation of women in development,” said the Prime Minster.

The Budget will also help in the progress of the middle class.

“Over the last five years, the country has left behind an environment of despair and it is now full of hope and confidence. We made continuous efforts to reduce the difficulties that citizens faced earlier and got success as well,” Modi said.