Britain – the Unchartered Territories!

Yorkshire LanesYorkshire Lanes

Swati Kapur

London । Talk about UK visit and London tops the chart and why not, it is the most touristy place of the Britain offering culture, fun, history regalia all in one. But for those of you wanting to do a bit more, see something offbeat and visit new unexplored places in the UK, here’s your bucket list.

Newcastle upon Tyne

An incredibly beautiful riverside, with walkable city highlights and sprinkled with museums and historical spots make it one of the most amazing cities in the North. Off late the great exhibition of the North had added a charm and brought in lots of curious tourists wanting to know now about the past and current developments the city had made.

Once carrying a reputation for being a place that only party goers and football fans would visit, Newcastle upon Tyne now sees a lot of family groups frequenting for good sights, food and fun!  The place also offers great shopping options from branded stuff to local crafts.

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The exciting displays at the Discovery Museum, three floors of exhibits that focus on the region’s maritime, scientific and technological importance to Britain and the rest of the world make it a must go for students and curious minds. It hosts the Turbinia, a giant steam-powered ship that was once the fastest in the world.

Located on the south bank of the River Tyne within a striking 1950s flour mill, BALTIC is the place if you’re looking for creative collections. It hosts a range of exhibitions and you can check out works from famous and upcoming artists at the same time. The regular workshops make for an interesting visit for students and adults alike.

Newcastle is in north-east England, three hours by train from London. Newcastle International Airport is only a 25-minute train ride away from the city centre.

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A beautiful blend of modern and rural England in action is at Yorkshire. Myriad stalls line both sides of the High Street, selling everything from home made jam, to porcelain delicates to Greek olives. The Victorian buildings simply add to the charm and grandeur of the place. Best way to explore the city is on foot. The narrow cobbled lanes take you to plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes to quench thirst and tempt the palate. Don’t miss the Russian Tea Room with beautiful window display of Russian dolls, costume and food.

Sheep Street has lots of quirky little shops, boutiques and was the site of the old prison.  Drop in to the pretty Three Sheep Tea Rooms for a bite to eat or a cup of the famous Yorkshire tea.  You can walk along historic The Leeds and Liverpool Canal, take a boat trip or just sit and watch the beautifully decorated barges, narrow boats and other craft drift slowly by.  The Canal Basin also has some great little shops in the converted warehouses. All in all a quirky unforgettable place.

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The Museum of Liverpool is what you can start with. It will keep you occupied for hours on a rainy day. There is lot to be discovered – city’s history, its links with the all time hit Beetles band, maritime heritage and of course the sporting spirit and legacy.  If you visit before 3rd November 2019 then you will be able to catch the “Double Fantasy: John and Yoko” exhibition which is well worth the trip too. It talks all about the enigma of the band, Johna nd Yoko’s ideologies and thought process that was certainly a league apart from the rest of the world. The Beetles museum is one place you just can’t afford to miss. It doesn’t just states and displays facts and the band’s milestones but takes you through time in an experiential way – with headphones commentating with music and speeches, it’s simple an outstanding experience. Walk out with a Beetles souvenir – something to cherish on a pensive mood day. Other Liverpool attractions are the waterfront activities and historical museums with some or the other activities on for kids and adults.

Trains and buses frequent from London to Liverpool. It takes around 4.5 hours to reach.

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Football is the name of the game here! But surprisingly the place had much more to offer.

Visit one of the world’s oldest libraries, found in the middle of Manchester, Chetham’s Library is the oldest public library in the English speaking world and has been there since 1653. Book-lovers can wander around the building and flick through over 10,000 books!

Heralded as one of the founding components of the Manchester music scene, Piccadilly records on Oldham Street is an independent music shop with soul. Find the shop within the vibrant Northern Quarter and browse the vinyl records and broad range of music.

Consider to explore the beautiful home of a novelist with spectacular period rooms, a garden and a quaint tea room, novelist Elizabeth Gaskell’s House in Manchester offers a history and literature lesson combined. The Grade II listed property is a perfect example of the Regency-style villas that once populated Manchester.

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And still if you must visit London, do consider a visit to the most talked about and iconic Shard! Piercing the sky next to London Bridge Station is the mighty Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building, designed by Renzo Piano.From its viewing floors you’ll get superb views across London helped by the interactive ‘Telescopes’ that give you information on the London skyline below in real time.

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The Aqua Shard restaurant presents an unrivaled view of London from the Shard’s 31st floor!  Dishes at Aqua Shard feature carefully-selected fine British produce and combine the staple ingredients of British cooking with innovative techniques. Enjoy the every changing skyline

From sunrise to sunset at this contemporary and cosmopolitan destination, with wind not spoiling your hair or temperament!