ABKI BAAR 350 KE PAR : Modi mascot – a pan India phenomena


With the end of 7th and final phase of polling across India, POINT OUT too, spoke to political observers, parties and people to judge the mood of the nation.  POINT OUT has predicted more than 350 of 543 seats for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned out to be BJP’s lone mascot, this election seeking votes across the country. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections Modi has during his whirlwind campaign tour appealed to people to vote for him, making it a very personalised campaign. Modi has improved upon his acceptance pan-India compared to 2014.

Narendra Modi waving at People during road show

Photo Credit: Twitter BJP

Unlike the 2014 Lok Sabha elections where the BJP and Modi sought votes in the name of development and corruption in UPA-2, this time the ruling party had only Modi as its face. As the elections drew all talks about development were junked and without emphasizing much upon development, Modi and company too kept the campaign revolving around himself. They also successfully kept on changing the narratives throughout— from national security to dynastic politics and beyond.

Team Modi hopes his magic and persona has cut through across the length and breadth of the country and this would translate into votes. The two regions that were termed the weaklings of BJP the North-East and South too saw Modi phenomena catching up. The North-East, especially West Bengal and down South in Kerala, where the party hopes to open its account this time Modi has gained acceptance. In West Bengal and Kerala, the two states where the latter is ruled by the Left and are considered as the last bastions of the Communist in India, too have been ‘Modified’.

Photo Credit: Twitter BJP

The BJP has been able to match the Trinamool Congress in its game-plan and anarchy and   it turned out to be a no-holds barred campaign this time around. Modi, who has remained   a popular leader in his home-state of Gujarat and North has gained in popularity in West Bengal and the North East. People see in him a strong and decisive leader and they believe he deserves a second chance to be the Prime Minister. Similarly, in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, BJP may not be able to win seats but, Modi has turned out to be the most popular leader.

For a state like Kerala, where BJP is a very new entrant to politics, Modi has turned into a cult figure. There are people who turn up to listen to him and vouch by his credibility.

But, in a highly-charged election where the opposition parties only agenda turned out to stop Modi juggernaut, it is to be seen how far the caste alliances have been able to make a dent in BJP’s party. Will Modi’s charishma and rapport with the voters translate into votes? Only May 23 would tell.