19 year old Kavya awarded for her invention in the field of cancer research

KavyaPhoto Credit: Twitter Kavya Kopparapu

Indian-origin American national, Kavya Kopparapu has been awarded the coveted 2019 National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education award for her work in the field of brain cancer treatment.

AI to calculate brain tumor characteristics in less time

This 19 year old genius has brought together medicine and technology to design GlioVision, an Artificial Intelligence run medicine programme which calculates brain tumor characteristics in significantly less time and money as compared to the current medical procedure. Her device merely requires a scanned biopsy image in place of the DNA sample that the current diagnosis method uses.

$10,000 award for her extraordinary work

Her work is considered major milestone in the field of medical science and Artificial Intelligence. It has the potential for improving treatments and detection of glioblastoma, the most lethal form of cancer. No wonder, STEM Education US has recognized her as an “”extraordinarily talented and accomplished” individual “who has meaningfully promoted STEM education”, as reported by the American Bazar. Along with the accolade, she has received a $10,000 award.

Kavya studies computer science with biology

Kavya has much to her accomplishment. A freshman at Harvard University, she studies computer science and biology. She also has an NGO to her credit. Her non-profit organization, named Girls Computing League is involved in the field of computer science programming and virtual reality. The organization has raised around $100,000 and impacted 3,800 students of America. It helps these students understand the world of technological wizardry, thereby preparing them for the future. Kavya’s potential has also landed her a position of an influential speaker and she has delivered talks at NASA Kennedy Space Centre and Smithsonian Institutes along with attending a number of AI conferences.